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Introduction of Pulverized Coal Burner



      Coal burner is important for asphalt mixing plant, and main structure includes
      1. Coal burner
      2. Coal pulverizer
      3. Coal hopper
      4. Draft fan
      5. Screw conveyor
      6. Oil burning igniter
      7. coal pipe

Coal Pulverizer



        To Smash the large volume of coal so that to make its diameter less than 3mm, the coal grain within 2mm is more than 80%. Then in the process of burning, the coal grain can be distributed more uniform, efficient burning so that to save energy and protect the environment.


      1. Double rotor and two stage crushing, crushing more thoroughly with small coal grain.
      2. Without screen grate in the bottom, having high wet material, blocking.
      3. With abrasion and combination hammer head, do not need to repair if it does work.
      4. With hydraulic electric starter, just need one worker to operate,simple and convenient.

Coal burner

AireJet coal burner

Structure and Working principle

Pulverized coal combustion system consist of the pulverized coal bunker, coal conveying system, combustion burner and combustion fan and control system, etc.
Pulverized coal drops down,from pulverized coal bin, go through the charging conduit, and pass into screw feeder through electric arc valve, Then feed into impact flow-meter passing screw feeder,By the impact flow meter to measure the flow,And according to the actual needs of traffic to adjust the speed of the screw feeder, so as to realize normal feeding.
After pulverized coal go into the flow box of spiral pneumatic conveying pump by flow meter metering to measure. And make pulverized coal forward by feeding system,pulverized coal is gasified by the fan outlet air after inter the mixing chamber.And into the pipeline to mix pulverized coal burner, burning in the combustion.

Main feature

1. Outlet of pulverized coal burner with uniform distribution, reasonable air distribution.Secondary air and primary air mixing appropriate, to ensure that fire, burning strongly in a timely manner.
2. Pulverized coal in the pulverized coal burner high temperature zone of retention time is long, thus high combustion efficiency direct emissions without black smoke flue , which steam shaped white smoke
3. The temperature rise time shortened when Pulverized coal burner heating, high thermal efficiency, and low quality requirement, coal is widely applicable, high economic benefit;
4. Pulverized coal burner ignition easy, warming faster, work efficiency is greatly improved.
5. The burner air output and coal input can be according to the need to change, can adjust the temperature in a wider scope and flame length, and meet the practical needs;
6 Be pulverized coal burner internal uniform temperature field, the chamber of a stove or furnace heating body heat coverage is large, slag don’t stick on the surface, products of good quality

Technology Data

1. Pulverized coal burner emissions blackness meets Ringelmann 0-1 level;
2. Carbon content in Pulverized coal burner ash at about 0.1%, no carbon powder barely;
3. New energy-saving rate of pulverized coal burner for 15-30%;
4. Burner flue gas content in flue use flue under without any dust removal equipment, as long as the wind coal burning full, can reach the national standard.