Operational Notes for Baghouse Dust Collector

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Operational Notes for Baghouse Dust Collector


Special notes in operation

In order to make sure the baghouse dust collector can work stably in a long term, the operator should be aware of the below aspects.
1. Strictly follow the manual provided by the manufacturer to operate and do not freely alter the operation condition to prevent any failure.
2. Well understand its technical parameter and instructions.
Regularly check the working performance of bags and eliminate the cause if any abnormal behavior.
3. Always pay attention to inlet temperature, moisture and pressure, and it is not allowed to operate under the dew point of air.

Correct operation procedures

Commissioning in the initial operation stage

Initial operation refers to the operation in the first 2 months. The baghouse dust collector easily has problems in this period. If the problems can be solved timely, the collector can work stably.
1. Air volume
To stabilize the bag pressure loss, the air volume will be largely increased to allow the air to go through the bags. If overload occurs to the motor of air blower, adjust the total valve to control the air volume. It may take days to reach a normal state, so it is better to observe the pressuremeter while adjusting the air volume or calculate the value according to the ammeter.
2. Temperature adjustment
It is necessary to preheat the bags when handling high temperature high moisture gas to eliminate blocking or wetting, especially in the initial operation stage. If the bag is not dry enough, the dews are easily condensed on the surface. However it is hard to accurately predict the dew point, corrosive problems and mesh blocking resulted from dews should be awared of.
Compressed air pressure
Compressed air is used as power for pneumatic controlled backflow baghouse dust collector and pulse baghouse dust collector to clean the collector. Therefore only the compressed air pressure and air volume are adjusted to preset value can the collector start and work normally.
Dust removal effect
The dust removal effect will be better when there is a dust absorptive film on the bag. The collector is not in a good state due to increasing air volume in the initial operation stage, so removal measurement should be conducted after several days or 1 month. Usually the dust removal effect is at least 95%.
Dust discharge
The dust gathered at the hopper can be automatically or manually discharged out in a certain order. Dust cycle and volume can be calculated according to the collector efficiency, but it needs confirmation or amendment in the practice.

Commissioning with normal loads

When it works normally, any changing operation condition or failure will affect the dust collection system. It’s required to regularly check and adjust accordingly to extend the working life and reduce power consumption.
The routine inspection includes
1.Use measuring instrument to understand the operation status.
2.Control the air volume changes.
3.Ash cleaning cycle and time.