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LYRM Baghouse Dust Collector


Baghouse dust collector is a dry type dust collection device and widely used in industrial field, especially in the asphalt mixing plant. With the rapid development, environment issue is priority and baghouse dust collector is playing a more and more important role.

After using a while, a layer of dust will be accumalated on the filter bag surface because of sieving, collision, retention, diffusion, electrostatic and other effects. This layer is called primary filter layer. With primary layer the filter large mesh filter material can reach a high filtration efficiency.

LYRM baghouse dust collector structureAs the dust accumulates in the filter surface, the filter efficiency and resistance will increase correspondingly, when the differential pressure between both sides is large enough, some small dust which adher onto the filter surface will be squeezed out to decrease the filter efficiency.

In addition, high resistance will significantly reduced the air volume. Therefore, frequent cleaning is necessary after precipitator resistance reaches a certain value and keep in mind to keep the primary filter layer intact. Once the primary filter layer is destoryed, the filtration efficiency will decrease accordingly.

It is mainly consisting of upper case, middle case, bottom case (also named dust hopper), dust cleaning system, dust removing system and etc.

According to the different dust cleaning methods, baghouse dust filter has pulse type,vibrating type and air reverse blowing type.

Based on the different shapes of collecting bags, it has round bag type, flat bag type and envelop type.

Air pulse baghouse dust collector

Pulse dust collector is composed of upper case (clear air chamber), middle case (filting chamber) and bottom case (dust hooper), pulse dust blowing structure, valves and etc. During working, dusted air is blowed from dust hopper into filting chamber. Due to the volume expansion, gas flow speed suddenly slow down. So coarse dust lost levitation force support and fall into the dust hopper
The remaining air rised into filting chamber and cleaned by filting bag.
Dust is blocked on the surface of the bag, clear gas through the bag goes into clean gas chamber and then into the atmosphere by the fan.
When the pressure increase to the setted value, pulse valve will be opened one by one. Compressed air jet to filting bag through nozzles. Because of the sudden expansion of bag and reverse air, attached dust on the bag surface rapidly fall down to dust collecting hopper. Removed by discharging machine. Filter will resume to work after all bags finish cleaning operation.
LYRM pluse dust collector flowchart
Online dust cleaning: pulse injection and bag filting are in the same time. While offline dust cleaning refers to
1.The off-line cleaning is adopted separate chambers structure. The working filting chamber will be isolated with the primary air flow. This is will reduce a cleaning chamber filting area. Coorespondingly, the cleaning efficiency is also cutted down. On line cleaning is adopted one room structure, dust cleaning and filting are happened in the same time.
2.The cost of off-line structure is higher.
3.The offline cleaning structure is separate, clean one chamber at one time and required less pulse pressure and air volume than online cleaning type.
4. For Separate chambers structure, falling dust has enough time to drop into dust hopper. Avoid flying again. Better cleaning result.
5. Thanks to separate chambers structure, single chamber can be maintained and repaired while the whole filter is still working.
6. Reduce the frequency of cleaning and prolong the life of the filter bag.

Vibrating baghouse dust collector

Mechanical vibrating bag dust collector is mainly classified into three kinds, manual vibrating, electric vibrating and pneumatic vibrating, and electric vibrating are most common.

Mechanical rapping bag filter is a kind of dust removal equipment which adopt a mechanical device to periodically vibrate and beat dust filting bag to clean the attached dust.
This filter has two types, one is the continuous type, another is intermittent type. The difference is that the continuous cleaning type is divided into several chambers, one chamber at the time of cleaning, and the rest continue to dust collecting. While intermattent type use only one chamber, it must pause filting when cleaning. Therefore the process is intermittent.

back flush baghouse dust collector

Using outdoors or recycle air , the air which the direction is opposite to the dusted airflow flow through the filting bag to make the dust layer fall into dust hopper. In this cleaning method, one reason is the reverse cleaning airflow which make the dust layer fall down directly. Another is because the air direction is change, the bag will shrink and expansion, also help dust block off.