Bitumen Tank Heating Methods

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Bitumen Tank Heating Methods


Bitumen tank for asphalt mixing plant can be classified into two types, direct heating bitumen tank and indirect bitumen tank.

For direct heating bitumen tank, the typical model is electric heating asphalt tank whose electric device is mounted in the tank, through the electric wire or rod heating and melting bitumen to reach a predetermined temperature.

For indirect heating bitumen tank, the typical type is oil furnace. That oil line is laid at the bottom of the asphalt tank and heated to melt the bitumen, and the bitumen is heated to the required 130-150℃, finally output by oil pump.

Oil furnace is the cycling equipment which heater directly into the organic carrier (HTF) to heating, organic carrier(HTF) circulating through the high temperature oil pump. HTF transported to heating equipment, then back to hot oil furnace heating, to form a complete loop heating system.