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YLB series mobile asphalt mixing plant is a portable asphalt plant with durable tyres designed on the basis of LB series asphalt batch mixing plant. It not only remains the advantages of asphalt mixing plant like modular design and accurate weighing, but also has new features like fast relocation and easy installation, which greatly saves the transport time and installation cost.


Model YLB600 YLB800 YLB1000 YLB1500 YLB2000
Capacity 48 t/h 64 t/h 80 t/h 120 t/h 160 t/h
Mixer Capacity 600 kg/batch 800 kg/batch 1000 kg/batch 1500 kg/batch 2000 kg/batch
Diesel Consumption 5.5-7kg/ton
Measuring Accuracy Aggregate: ±0.5%, Bitumen: ±0.3%, Filler: ±0.2%
Hot Asphalt Temperature 130℃-165℃ (adjustable)
Air Emissions ≤20mg/Nm³
Working Noise ≤70dB(A)
Operation Full auto/manual operation
Installation Power 167kW
Voltage 220V/380V-50Hz (adjustable)
Dimension (L*W*H) 35*28*15m 40*30*15m 40*30*15m 45*35*17m 50*40*17m
Total Weight 79 t 115 t 128 t 153 t 205 t

Main Components

  • cold aggregate supply system

    Cold Aggregate Supply System

    1. Coarse screen to remove oversized aggregates;

    2. Variable frequency belt feeder;

    3. Arch breaking vibrator;

    4. Belt adjustment device;

    5. Material lacking alarming device;

    6. Primary aggregate vibrating screen.

  • drum dryer

    Drying Drum

    1. Special drum and flight layout, perfect aggregate curtain and flame and airflow cooperation, higher heat exchange rate and lower thermal loss, improve heat efficiency by 15%;

    2. Coated with heat insulation materials and stainless steel, greatly reduce thermal loss;

    3. Brand motor, reducer and bearing, long working life;

    4. Infrared thermocouple temperature control system.

  • Burning system

  • coal burner

    1) Coal Burner

    1. Rotary furnace hearth without slagging;

    2. Multiple air ducts, electric air gate to guarantee the optimal combustion efficiency;

    3. The coal can burn completely after three stages of crushing;

    4. High performance thermal insulation brick;

    5. Smoke density: Ringelmann I, environmental friendly.

  • oil burner

    2) Oil-gas Burner

    1. Italy or China brand burner, long working life;

    2. VFD for air blower and fuel pump, precisely control the air and fuel ratio, safe and energy saving;

    3. Two class ignition system, safe and reliable;

    4. PLC control, simple operation;

    5. Fuel can be diesel, heavy oil, natural gas or LPG.

  • mixing tower

    Mixing Tower

    1. Screening, mixing, and storage are in the same frame;

    2. Optimized material mixing technology;

    3. Each batch can be evenly mixed, mixing efficiency improved by 25% and energy consumption reduced by 20%;

    4. High efficient twin-shaft mixer;

    5. Brand motor and reducer.

  • baghouse dust collector

    Dust Collection System

    1. Primary gravity dust collector and secondary baghouse dust collector;

    2. Dupont bag, high filtration precision, high temperature and corrosion resistance, long service life;

    3. Large filter area, air emission is ≤20mg/Nm3;

    4. Low temperature alarming and ultrahigh temperature cease fire device;

    5. Dust humidification mixer to avoid flying dust.

  • bitumen supply system

    Bitumen Heating & Storage System

    1. Integrated modular design, easy to transport and install;

    2. Thermal oil heating system with thermal insulation layer, high heating efficiency and energy saving;

    3. High quality pump with high performance and long service life;

    4. Optional heating methods: diesel, natural gas, coal or electricity.

  • filler supply system

    Filler Supply System

    1. Plate chain filler elevator and high performance screw conveyor, supplying filler smoothly;

    2. Filler storage silo with dust collector and level meter, environmental friendly.

  • pneumatic system

    Pneumatic System

    1. Brand air compressor with stable and reliable performance;

    2. FESTO solenoid valve and pneumatic elements, precise control.

  • control system

    Control System

    1. Container type control room with heat and sound insulation panel;

    2. PLC control system with touch screen or computer operation;

    3. IP55 control cabinet, SIEMENS electric control element;

    4. Equipped with printer, air conditioner and cables.

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