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How to set up mobile asphalt mixing plant


As a professional manufacturer of asphalt mixing plants in China since 1992, LYRM is happy to share something about how to set up a mobile asphalt mixing plant. Generally speaking the setup of mobile asphalt plant construction mainly includes construction site choosing and planning, construction, disassembly and relocation of mixing tower, commission and production.

Construction Site Choosing

concrete base for mobile asphalt plantImpact on residents and environment and cost-efficiency should be taken into consideration when choose the construction site, especially the following aspects:
1. Appropriate distance between the asphalt plant and pavement site shortens delivery time to reduce transport cost and improve efficiency. Meanwhile please make sure the water and electricity should be handy.
2. Certain distance from residential community and economic crop can effectively minimize the noise and dust and avoid unnecessary complaints, and set up a good example for construction industry and enterprise.
3. The site should be spacial for mixing tower, material stacking and truck mobility, the geological condition is good to minimize the site cost.

Construction Planning

Plant planning should be scientific and reasonable to optimize the utilization and satisfy the production requirement as much as possible. Therefore it needs to consider below factors:
mobile asphalt plant design1. Mixing tower erection. The mixing tower should be placed on the firm ground to minimize the soil compaction. When cement concrete base is required, the bearing capacity must match with the rated capacity.
2. Material stacking place. Make a reasonable planning according to materials like aggregates to guarantee the adequate space and material request. Make the stacking zones and take measures to isolate them so as to avoid co-mix and influence the production process and asphalt quality. The base for stacking materials needs solidification to prevent skidding/sinking and reduce dust.
3. Truck routine and production line. Try avoid crossing walking for each truck to improve truck efficiency and traveling security.
4. Distance between each part. It is also important. For example, the diesel tank should be placed far from heat source and fire; bitumen tank had better be arranged closer to weighing system in the mixing tower to reduce the pipeline distance and grant enough pump head for the bitumen pump.

Mixing Tower Relocation

mobile mixing towerThe mixing tower disassembly and erection is a determined factory for the whole construction process. In order to disassemble and erect economically and quickly,pay close attention to below three things.
1. Make a detailed plan on relocation and strictly follow the manual to disassemble the mixing tower based on its structural feature.
2. Hire a professional disassembly team as their skills and knowledge have direct impact on the disassembly and installation.
3. Strengthen the onsite control and well arranged the personnel to use the lest labor and machinery in the whole process.
4. Transport the equipment safely to keep them intact and avoid missing parts.

5. The personnel should wear safety belt when working at a high altitude platform.

Commission and Production

Once installation is complete, the commissioning will be conducted. First of all, do pressure test for pipelines to ensure there is no leaking at all welds and connections between thermal oil pipe and bitumen pipe. Later conduct a thorough maintenance toward the mixing tower and reliability to electricity supply system and control system. Then do trial running for each part through inching control to observe the control performance and motor rotation direction, run trial running once inching control is successful. After this, calibrate the weighing system and test. Last do aggregate screening test and gradation, operate the plant with aggregate and put into operation once the finished asphalt is qualified.