How to operate asphalt mixing plant?

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How to Operate Asphalt Mixing Plant


Asphalt mixing plant is playing an important role in road construction machinery and ecomonic development, LYRM would like to share some information on how to operate asphalt mixing plant with you.

lb5000-asphalt-plantBefore production, the operator should inspect each part of the asphalt plant to ensure all is in a good state. Then start the mixer for a while without any load to make sure there is no abnormal behavior.


He should know well the structure and strictly follow the manual to operate the plant for security. Here is about how to operate the computer for mixing tower:
1. Press down the power button and start the computer.
2. Preheat the system for 10 min to make sure that the sensor is in a great condition.
3. Reset the system and set the parameter on the parameter screen.
4. Enter or select the mixing ratio on the mixing screen.
5. Press the mixing tower bell to start the mixer.
6. Enter the production control screen.


Set the measuring value according to the asphalt mixing ratio list and nobody is allowed to modify the ratio freely, or he will have be responsible for any potential quality issue.

Set the mixing cycle (intermittent type asphalt plant) based on technician’s request. Once the asphalt is qualified after observation, the plant can continue to produce. If unqualified, adjust the mixing ratio till the quality is stable and meets the requirement.

Advice from QC should be carefully taken into consideration for the mixing ratio in the production process, including the material volume, type and mixing cycle.

Closely watch out the measuring accuracy and ammeter stability, double check the material and deviation and make a record accordingly. If the deviation continues to occur, report to the plant officer timely, find out the cause to eliminate and make a record.

Cooperate with the electricians if they come into the danger area, and shut off the power and arrange people to monitor when it is necessary to stop the plant.

Do check if the truck parks at the right position for loading and mind the asphalt mixing tank rotation direction before discharging.

When the error in auto discharging system is unable to solve, the manager can temporarily change to manual type if permitted. While if the abnormal behavior is hard to meet the measuring accuracy, stop producing immediately and report to the leader in charge.

Special Note
1. Regularly check the lubricating condition and oil volume for pneumatic system.
2. The operator should start the belts 10 seconds later after alarming for personnel security.
3. No drink nor do irrelevant stuff like video game and music, and irrelevant people are not allowed to enter the control room unless with leader’s permission.
4. The mixer is forbidden to start with load unless in special circumstance and take a note.
5. Thoroughly clean residue on the mixer and discharge gate and wash with water.
6. Often examine the paddle and adjust the gap between paddle and liner plate, daily check the oil for pump.