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CAP series asphalt drum mixing plant is a continuous asphalt plant manufactured by LYRM aiming to widen our product scope and satisfy the different requirements from valued customers at home and abroad. It is a new type asphalt batch plant designed on the basis of intensive studies about the international advanced asphalt plant technology with our years of experience in the road construction machinery field.


Model CAP20 CAP40 CAP60 CAP80 CAP120
Capacity 20t/h 40t/h 60t/h 80t/h 120t/h
Drying & Mixing Drum Φ1000X4500mm Φ1200X6000mm Φ1500X6500mm Φ1600X9000mm Φ1850X9000mm
Aggregate Bin 3X4.5m3 3X6m3 4X6.5m3 4X6.5m3 4X6.9m3
Fuel Consumption 6.5~7.5kg/t
Measuring Accuracy Hot aggregate: ±0.5%; Bitumen: ±0.5%
Aggregate Size ≤25mm
Aggregate Gravity ≥1600kg/m3
Aggregate Moisture ≤5%
Hot Aggregate Temperature ≤160℃
Hot Asphalt Temperature 130~165℃ (±5℃)
Air Emissions ≤100mg/Nm3
Working Noise ≤70dB(A)
Operation Full auto/manual operation
Installation Power 40kw (380V-50Hz) 80kw (380V-50Hz) 120kw (380V-50Hz) 175kw (380V-50Hz) 250kw (380V-50Hz)
Voltage 220V/380V-50Hz
Covering Area L: 15.6m, W: 15m, max H: 6m L: 30m, W: 16m, max H: 6m L: 33m, W: 20m, max H: 12m L: 35m, W: 25m L: 40m, W: 25m


1. Large capacity yet with ultra low energy consumption under the same condition.

2. Simple structure with reliable performance, low failure rate, and easy to transfer and maintain.

3. The plant has strong and simple RAP expend ability.

4. No installation foundation required as long as the ground is smooth and compact).

5. Continuous mixing is guaranteed for smooth asphalt production line.

6. Adopt advanced international weighing technology to ensure the precise weighing.

7. Brand parts like motor greatly reduce energy consumption and improve performance of the asphalt plant.


  • cold aggregate feed bin

    Cold Aggregate Feed Bin

    1. Store 2~4 sizes of aggregates;

    2. Variable speed feed conveyor can precisely control the flow of cold feed;

    3. Vibrator is optional for the bin wall to ensure the smooth feed of aggregates.

  • bitumen supply system

    Bitumen Supply System

    1. Insulated bitumen tank keeps the liquid or emulsion bitumen;

    2. Equipped with the high efficiency pump.

  • drying & mixing drum

    Drying & Mixing Drum

    1. The cold aggregates will be dried and heated in the drum and later mixed with bitumen and fillers.

    2. Thermocouple is to control the temperature of hot mix asphalt for further process.

    3. The drum and burner are installed on the same chassis.

  • burner


    1. Suitable for different fuels, such as heavy and light oil, natural gas, and coal.

    2. High efficiency and low consumption.

  • hot mix elevator

    Hot Mix Elevator

    1. New type double chain bucket elevator;

    2. Discharge the hot mix asphalt directly into the storage silo.

  • hot mix storage silo

    Storage Silo

    1. Store the hot mix asphalt with liner to maintain the temperature.

    2. The mixed asphalt can be directly relased onto the truck under the silo.

  • cyclone dust collector

    Dust Collection System

    1. Multiple choices, e.g. cyclone type, water scrubber or baghouse collector;

    2. Low air emission and meet the standard requirement.

  • control room

    Control System

    1. Auto and manual control operation can be freely switched;

    2. Equipped with emergency safety button to enhance the security level.

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