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  • 16-08-04

    General Process of Asphalt Mixing Plant

    asphalt mixing plant process

    Asphalt mixing plant is a complete set of equipment used to produce asphalt for road pavement. It is mainly consisting of cold aggregate supply system, drying system, burning system, hot mix elevator, screen, weighing and mixing s…

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  • 16-07-25

    Common Failures on Asphalt Mixing Plant Site


    Asphalt concrete mixing plant is critical for construction quality and efficiency in the asphalt pavement. Most of asphalt mixing plants for domestic high grade roads are imported and the capacity is at least 160t/h. With years of…

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  • 16-06-14

    Apshalt Mixing Plant Burner Types

    Burner for asphalt mixing plant

    Burner is used to provide heat for drying system in the asphalt mixing plant through fuel combustion and its operation cost is an important part in the total costs. Its performance has direct impact on finished asphalt temperature…

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  • 16-06-12

    Drum Dryer for Asphalt Mixing Plant


    1. Brief Introduction Drying drum is used to dry and heat cold aggregate and it is the very key component of the asphalt mixing plant. The drying quality degree of cold aggregate directly affects the quality of the finished produc…

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  • 16-06-08

    LYRM Baghouse Dust Collector

    LYRM baghouse dust collector

    Baghouse dust collector is a dry type dust collection device and widely used in industrial field, especially in the asphalt mixing plant. With the rapid development, environment issue is priority and baghouse dust collector is pla…

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  • 16-05-05

    Introduction of Pulverized Coal Burner


    Coal burner is important for asphalt mixing plant, and main structure includes 1. Coal burner 2. Coal pulverizer 3. Coal hopper 4. Draft fan 5. Screw conveyor 6. Oil burning igniter 7. coal pipe Coal Pulverizer Function To Smash t…

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  • 16-05-05

    Bitumen Tank Heating Methods


    Bitumen tank for asphalt mixing plant can be classified into two types, direct heating bitumen tank and indirect bitumen tank. For direct heating bitumen tank, the typical model is electric heating asphalt tank whose electric devi…

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  • 16-04-25

    Structure and Classification of Oil Burners


    Oil combustion characteristics Oil is a liquid fuel, the boiling point is always below its flash point, so the oil combustion is carried out in gaseous form. No combustion occurs in the liquid but gaseous. So droplet combustion in…

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  • 16-04-12

    ELB(Environment-friendly Type) Asphalt Mixing Plant


    Environment protection is a priority in economic development, green asphalt plant is our pursue all the time. With years of studies and research, we’ve designed a new type environment-friendly asphalt mixing plant and name it ELB …

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  • 16-04-12

    Operational Notes for Baghouse Dust Collector


    Special notes in operation In order to make sure the baghouse dust collector can work stably in a long term, the operator should be aware of the below aspects. 1. Strictly follow the manual provided by the manufacturer to operate …

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