LB1200 Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant

LB1200 Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant

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LB1200 Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant

LB1200 asphalt batch mixing plant adopts modular structure, reasonable layout, simple and compact structure. This asphalt mixing plant is convenient for transport and install. Compared with other asphalt plants of the same type at home and abroad, LB1200 asphalt mixing plant is more economic and energy-saving and has higher quality.

Technical Parameters

Model LB1200
Capacity 100t/h (standard condition)
Mixer Capacity 1200kg/batch
Drying Drum Φ1600*7800mm
Fuel Consumption Diesel: 5.5-7kg/t; coal:10kg/t
Measuring Accuracy Aggregate ±0.5%
Filler ±0.5%
Bitumen ±0.25%
Hot Asphalt Temperature 130℃-165℃
Dust Collector Gravitational dust collector & baghouse dust collector
Air Emissions ≤20mg/Nm³
Exhaust Standard Ringelmann I
Working Noise ≤70dB(A)
Environment Noise ≤80dB(A)
Operation Full auto/manual operation
Total Installation Power ≈316kW
Voltage 220V/380V-50Hz (adjustable)
Plant Covering Area Length: 40m; width: 30m; max height point: 17m


  • asphalt-batch-mixing-plant-structure1. Cold Aggregate Feed System: 4*7.5m3 storage bins
  • 2. Drying Drum: Φ1600*7800mm
  • 3. Oil Burner: made in Italy, capacity: 1200kg/h
  • 4. Dust Collection System: bag house collector/water collector for optional
  • 5. Filler Supply System: 1*30m3 filler bin(adjustable)
  • 6. Bitumen Supplying System: 2*30m3 bitumen tank(adjustable) with thermal oil heating system
  • 7. Mixing Tower:1200kg/batch twin shaft mixer, 2*22kW Siemens’s motor
  • 8. Pneumatic System: 2.0Nm3/min air compressor
  • 9. Finished Asphalt Storage Bin: 30t storage bin under mixer
  • 10. Control System: PLC control system(language for optional)


1. Erection and testing prior to leave the factory
Our asphalt plant components are erected and all motors would be run through a test phrase before leave the factory.
2. Low transport costs
Each asphalt plant component is supplied in international standard container which reduces transport fees and speed up the delivery.
3. No concrete foundations
The ground area of the containers ensures plants stability on compacted soil.

Services we provide

Customer Service is a core expertise of sales activities at LYRM. Our service including:
18 months warranty;
Lifelong technical support for plant;
Erect the plant and commission asphalt plant;
Training programs for operators;
Provide spare parts.

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