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Asphalt batch mixing plant manufactured by Liaoyuan (LYRM) features in modular design, brand parts, advanced weighing sensor, and large capacity. Over 2 decades we focus on road construction machinery and provide best solutions to clients at home and abroad. Two types are available, LB series standard asphalt plant and ELB series asphalt plant. Both are mainly composed of cold aggregate supply system, drying system, dust collection system, mixing tower, screening system, and control system. Due to high quality (CE & GOST) with competitive factory price and excellent service, our plants are exported to many countries, including Britain, Australia and Pakistan.

Technical Parameter

Type Capacity
(standard condition)
Mixer Capacity Air Emissions Total Power Consumption
(standard condition)
Measuring Accuracy
Fuel Oil Fuel Coal
LB500 40 t/h 500 kg ≤20mg/Nm3 147kW 5.5-7kg/t 10kg/t Aggregate: ±0.5%
Filler: ±0.5%
Bitumen: ±0.25%
LB800 64 t/h 800 kg 199kW
LB1000 80 t/h 1000 kg 285kW
LB1200 100 t/h 1200 kg 316kW
LB1500 120 t/h 1500 kg 380kW
LB2000 160 t/h 2000 kg 470kW
LB2500 200 t/h 2500 kg 547kW
LB3000 240 t/h 3000 kg 700kW
LB4000 300 t/h 4000 kg 870kW
LB5000 400 t/h 5000 kg 960kW

Main Components

  • 1. Cold Aggregate Supply System

    Bin volume and number is customizable, Separated structure design significantly reduces dimensions for shipping and ensures a high capacity. Two independent cold feeders and modular design transport expediently. Seamless ring belt, high reliability and long life. Frequency convertor controlled SIEMENS motor, infinite variable speed adjustment, more accurate and energy saving.

  • 2. Drying Drum

    SIEMENS motors, hard-teeth reduction gear, friction driving, drum rotating stably. Optimized lift blade design, make sure heating equably and high energy using ratio. With 50mm insulating layer and stainless steel skin, avoid heat be lost.

  • 3. Burner

    Italy EBICO oil burner imported with original packing, high burning efficiency, diesel, diesel/heavy oil dual purpose or gas as fuel is optional. With automatic flame failure protection devices for emergency.

  • 4. Dust Collection System

    Two level dust collection system (volute casing collector or cyclone dust collector + baghouse dust collector or water scrubber), with high and low temperature protection device for the system security. Baghouse collector use USA DuPont NOMEX bags, heat resisting and long life.

  • 5. Mixing Tower

    Double ring chain bucket for hot mix elevator and filler elevator are reliable and convenient to maintain. Twin shaft mixer features in high mixing efficiency and long life. Specially designed bitumen spray bar largely reduceS feeding time and increase mixing uniformity. Fully enclosed vibrating screen requires low maintenance and has long life. Double layer hot aggregate storage hopper can effectively guarantee the supply continuity of hot aggregate; 50mm insulating layer greatly reduce heat loss.

  • 6. Bitumen Supply System

    Volume and number of bitumen tanks is customizable according to user requirement. Heat transfer oil heating type, heating equably.

  • 7. Filler Supply System

    The standard stacked filler silo design is more convenient for connection with main tower and requires less space for installation. Volume and number of filler silos is customizable.

  • 8. Control System

    Auto and manual operation can be freely and safely switched.

    It is equipped with self-diagnosis device to detect potential failure.

    SIEMENS PLC electrical control system with high reliability.

    Fully graphic multilanguage control interface is easy and convenient for different operators.

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