Drying and Mixing Drum

Drying and Mixing Drum

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The drying and mixing drum is a core component in asphalt drum mixing plant. As the cold aggregates go through the drum under the gravity with rotating drum, the moisture will be removed and the aggregates heated which will be coated with bitumen and filler in the same drum. The thermocouple is equipped to control the hot mix asphalt temperature for asphalt quality. The drum and burner are mounted onto the same chassis.


Drying drum adopts friction drive, drive devices contain: motor→swing arm type gear reducer→drive roller→large rolling ring of drying drum.

The support frame is welded H steel, to be fastened with the supporting legs by screws and form a inclination. There are four friction rollers mounted on the frame and 2 thurst rolling wheels mounted at the feeding end, which is limiting the axial movement of the drum, to guarantee the normal working condition of drying drum.

The drying drum is made of welded steel plate. The cold aggregates come into special designed lifters after feeding in the drying drum. The cold aggregates fall down like curtain which is good for heating. At the conbustion zone, another special designed lifters are installed to make sure there is no material curtain in this zone and the flame can burn completely. At the same time, there will form a insulation layer between the flame and the drum wall with an aim to minimize the heat loss.

At the discharge end of the drying drum, there is a thermocouple temperature measuring device which is matching with the burning system to control the hot mix asphalt temperature.

Technical parameters

Model HG500 HG800 HG1000 HG1200 HG1500 HG2000 HG2500 HG3000
Drum diameter 1200 mm 1200 mm 1600 mm 1600 mm 1800 mm 2200 mm 2200 mm 2800 mm
Drum length 5500 mm 6300 mm 6800 mm 7800 mm 8000 mm 8500 mm 9000 mm 9000 mm
Inclination 4.5° 4.5° 4.5° 4.5° 4.5° 4.5° 4.5° 4.5°
Motor power 11kW 4*5.5kW 4*7.5kW 4*7.5kW 4*11kW 4*15kW 4*15kW 4*22kW
Max. capacity 50 t/h 70 t/h 90 t/h 120 t/h 130 t/h 200 t/h 220 t/h 260 t/h


Continuous drying drum is the key component of continuous asphalt mixing station, its performance directly determines the performance of the whole continuous asphalt mixing station. Basic principle is: dry, heat, and complete the mixing of asphalt mixture in drum after the cold aggregate gradation.

CAP series drying drum is a kind of simple dryer-mixer, simple structure, low cost, convenient in operation and maintenance, etc. It’s a kind of simple asphalt mixture mixing equipment to satisfy the requirement of ordinary asphalt pavement construction.


1. Drying, heating, and mixing are conducted in the same drum at the same time, high efficiency and low consumption.

2. Equipped with a very convenient recycling material (RAP) add, measuring extended function. Liaoyuan Machinery with drum structure of special design, effectively prevent flame contacting with RAP, prevent the asphalt aging. Adding rate of recycle material can reach to 50%.

3. Simple structure, small loss, convenient in operation and maintenance. Very easy to move, relocation. Also is easily extended to mobile.

4. Quality of finished product is stable, can meet the requirements of highway construction.