Vibrating Screen

Vibrating Screen

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It is consist of screen box, vibrator, spring damping device, motor drive device, and dust cover.
The screen box can be welded structure or frame connected by ring groove rivet, and the screen mesh inside the box are controlled by left/right tension plate or front/rear tension plate. It is hard to replace screen meshes for left/right tension structure; it is easy for front/rear tension plate, but it requires extra length and height.
The vibrator has two forms, uniaxial and biaxial. For uniaxial vibrator, the movement is circle; for biaxial vibrator, the movement is linear. Usually uniaxial vibrator angle is 15o~20o.
The spring damping device can be divided into primary and secondary vibration isolation.

Working flowchart

vibrating-screen-structure-11 vibrating-screen-structure-22 vibrating-screen-structure-33 vibrating-screen-structure-44

Main features

1. Wear resistance screen (65Mn) with long service life reduces its maintenance cost;
2. Optimized dust hood effectively prevents dusts to protect the environment;
3. Special bearing for vibrator features in impact resistance and long working life;
4. Oil immersed lubrication improves lubrication condition, extend lifespan and reduce maintenance times;
5. Pull type screen provides convenience to replace the screens;
6. Front distribution dust hood is equipped with pulley which is good to move and maintain.

Services we provide

1. Structure of vibrating screen
Uniaxial vibration exciter type vibrating screen /Biaxial vibration exciter type vibrating screen
Vibration motor type vibrating screen
2. Capacity of vibrating screen(rated)
40-80T/H(4 layers)/80-160T/H(4 layers)240T/H(5 layers)/320T/H(5 or 6 layers)