Cold Aggregate Supply System

Cold Aggregate Supply System

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All silos are equipped with belt feeders controlled with frequency converting motor, which can realize single silo adjusting and entire silos proportioning adjusting, ensures measuring precision and low energy consumption. A vibrator on sand bin wall ensures feeding reliability. Tail and directive wheels are specially designed self-cleaning type. The driving wheels are coated with rubber to prevent spinning. The belt feeders are anti-wearing and clipping designed, equipped with wearing resistance belt, which ensures safe, reliable and long life span. Cold feeder system can also be designed according to customer’s requirements and site situation.


The separated structure design significantly reduces shipping space and guarantees large capacity. Two independent cold feeders and modular design transport expediently. Seamless ring belt, high reliability and long life. Frequency convertor controlled SIEMENS motor, infinite variable speed adjustment, more accurate and energy saving.

Technical Parameter

Model LB1 LB2 LB3 LB4 LB5 LB6
Capacity 4m3 6.5m3 7.5m3 8m3 8.5m3 15m3
No. of silos 4 4 4 4 4 5
Total capacity 16m3 26m3 30m3 32m3 34m3 75m3


lb-cold-aggregate-supply-system-details 1. Modular design, simple structure & low failure rate;

2. Frequency control feeding is to control the flow;

3. Each bin is equipped with a vibrator;

4. Lack material alarming device;

5. Coarse aggregate screening.