Bitumen Supply System

Bitumen Supply System

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The insulated bitumen tank is to keep the liquid or emulsion bitumen and combined with the pump station. Bitumen melting machine is applied to melt and decant the solid bitumen from barrels, bags, orwooden boxes, then supply these liquid bitumen to the asphalt mixing plant or other industrial equipment. After many years of research and accumulated experience, Liaoyuan can supply 3 different kinds of bitumen storage tanks, hot oil heating type, electric heating type and container type asphalt tank. They can be used alone or with asphalt mixing plant together.

heat-transfer-oil-asphalt-tank   heat-transfer-oil-asphalt-tank-2   heat-transfer-oil-asphalt-tank-1

Technical parameters

Model Capacity(m3) Insulation layer(mm) Heating type Level indictor temperature measurement
LG30 30 50 Hot oil coil Mechanical hot resistance+dial thermometer
LG40 40 50
LG50 50 50
LG60 60 50


Model Capacity Insulation layer Heating type Power Control method Level indictor
LG20 20 70 Electric heating 30 Automatic Electronic/Mechanical
LG30 30 70 40
LG40 40 70 60
LG50 50 70 80


Model Capacity Insulation layer Heating type Level indictor Temperature detection Burner
LG25 25 70 Hot oil coil+heat pipe Mechanical hot resistance+dial thermometer 400000 kcal
LG50 50 70 2x400000kcal